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Reunification Therapy

In the intricate realm of family law, divorce and child custody are emotionally and legally complex. The high incidence of divorce, particularly in subsequent marriages, underscores the urgency of addressing its effects. Marital dissolution profoundly impacts not only the spouses but also the children, often leading to harmful psychosocial consequences. In these situations, the Commonwealth of Kentucky assumes a role beyond mere adjudication, acting as a protective guardian for the impacted minor children.


"Parens patriae," meaning "parent of the nation," is fundamental to Kentucky's role in family law. Rooted in English common law, it empowers the Commonwealth to protect those who can't protect themselves, especially minors and incapacitated individuals. In contentious divorce and custody cases, it justifies state intervention for child welfare. Balancing parental rights with children's best interests and fairness, Kentucky courts carefully navigate these complex constitutional principles, ensuring justice and minimal state interference in parental responsibilities.


Reunification therapy is a court-ordered intervention aimed at mending the bond between estranged parents and children, often arising from issues like abuse, neglect, or parental alienation. This specific intervention uses a range of techniques and theories to repair and rejuvenate relationships that have become damaged, distant, or alienated. Its focus is on healing, normalizing, and stabilizing the parent-child bond, and seeks to diminish conflict, enhance positive parent-child interactions, and repair weakened bonds. This therapy is dedicated to consistently improving the parent-child relationship, fostering a stable, trusting, and empathic connection, crucial in reestablishing healthy familial dynamics.


Reunification therapy, distinct from traditional psychotherapy or family therapy, specifically addresses the particular challenges in cases where parent-child relationships have substantially deteriorated, often resulting in minimal contact. This intervention employs unique therapeutic methods, addresses specific issues, and operates under different confidentiality norms and objectives. It is specifically tailored for cases where the parent-child bond has been significantly disrupted.


Understanding parent-child relationship issues demands a nuanced and comprehensive approach, as these often arise from a diverse and complex array of factors. These can include interparental conflict, sibling dynamics, the impact of litigation and professional intervention, dysfunctional co-parenting, child maltreatment, exposure to violence, and parental alienation. It is important to recognize that each situation is shaped by its own unique blend of these factors, making it imperative to avoid labels that oversimplify these intricate issues.


Dr. Washam's professional rate for reunification therapy and associated court work is set at $200 per hour, payable via cash or check. This rate is inclusive for court appearances, accounting for travel time, as well as each 55-minute session of reunification therapy. Additionally, the hourly fee applies to a range of other professional services, including but not limited to, report writing, phone consultations exceeding 10 minutes, and record editing tasks. Dr. Washam requires a retainer of $1,600 prior to the acceptance of any case. Please note, Dr. Washam does not participate in any commercial or federal insurance programs.

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